Published (Peer-reviewed) Projects

ProtoSpray: Combining 3D Printing and Spraying to Create Interactive Displays with Arbitrary Shapes

Hanton, O.; Wessely, M.; Mueller, S.; Fraser, M.; & Roudaut, A. CHI2020 Proceedings - Honourable mention

Protospray picture

Read the paper here or watch a 10 minute presentation of the key findings. For more information on replicability please see my instructables page.

Sprayable User Interfaces: Prototyping Large-Scale Interactive Surfaces with Sensors and Displays

Wessely, M.; Sethapakdi, T.; Castillo, C.; Snowden, J.C.; Hanton, O.; Qamar, I.P.; Fraser, M.; Roudaut, A. & Mueller, S CHI2020 Proceedings

Sprayable user interfaces picture

Read the paper here.