Ollie Hanton

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I'm a PhD student working in the Bristol Interaction Group. I am working on developing methods for the personal fabrication of displays. I have a keen interest in 3D printing and am looking to expand what we are able to achieve by approaching display fabrication using spray painting. This has led me to studying how spray painting can apply active materials to irregular surfaces and what kind of applications we can explore using spraying. For a short explaination of my research vision, please see my 3-Minute Thesis pitch.

I have been working on combining 3D printing and spraying of electroluminescent paint in a usable manner (called "ProtoSpray") to create 3D displays with irregular shapes which can be seen in the ProtoSpray video. This process uses combined additive manufacturing methods allowing us to empower makers to produce 3D prints with interactive embedded displays.

My background is in Maths, Computer Science and software development. I am contactable on linkedin , twitter and directly by email.